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Kissing Jude is a musical project behind which is hidden (not that much actually…), me, Elia Mercanzin.
The name Kissing Jude: a part comes from the original name of a character in a book (“Jude the obscure” by Thomas Hardy) and the other follows the desire to enter a word that evokes a feeling…

2011 – “Basic Needs” – Kissing Jude’s debut album
In 2011, the project Kissing Jude debuted with the album “Basic Needs”, an experiment in remote creative collaboration: an ensemble of four musicians scattered between Padua, Genoa, Forli and Paris who have worked through the internet.
As an introduction to the world Kissing Jude I suggest to start from this Youtube playlist presenting excerpts from “Basic Needs”.
Alternatively, you can listen to all “Basic Needs” tracks from LastFm Kissing Jude Profile.

2015 – “Under This Sky” – the second album.
After 3 years of musical inactivity, since summer 2014, I’ve been working on brand new songs et voilà… UNDER THIS SKY.

Before Kissing Jude
Is important to point out that my musical adventure began long ago … To learn more, visit official site.

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