About me

My name is Elia Mercanzin.
Born in 1973, raised in Padua, currently living in Treviso, about 30km far from Venice.
In 2002, after ten years as self-taught drummer, I dropped everything and I started the Luftbrucke solo project with the aim to express myself as singer-songwriter and, again, self-taught multi-instrumentalist.


At the end of 2009 after a series of gigs, a couple of self-pruduced homemade CDs and a collection of single tracks, I turned the Luftbrucke’s experience into Kissing Jude.

“Everything changes, nothing changes”

Kissing Jude’s debut album, “Basic Needs“, seen the light in 2011.

During the summer of 2014, after a sabbatical leave lasted three years, I got back to music producing new songs and.. here we are, “UNDER THIS SKY”, the new album is on its way.


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